Why this matters

Our reputation and our work around CSR rely on credible evidence of good corporate behaviour. Good governance is key to successfully embedding CSR within a business, especially when it works across functional departments and brands on a large geographical scale. Openess and transparency about what went well and what went not so well are essential to maintaining stakeholder interest and trust.

Our approach

We have set a bold governance target, focusing on meeting the most important global reporting standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This target depends on the active cooperation of all involved in measurement and reporting of CSR activities, and in the standard framework imposed together with Internal Audit on global disclosure.

Our metric

We report our progress based on our ranking within the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) scales from A to C on our openness & transparency.

Our footprint

Using these metrics, we set a 2010 baseline for governance performance. In 2010, we were unrated by the GRI.

Target 2015:

We will achieve a GRI A+ accreditation in our annual CSR reporting.

Using our delivery model, we will achieve this by:

  • Training all Future Proof champions in the highest reporting standards as part of the GRI for CSR reporting and disclosure;
  • Involving all stakeholders in the business in the formulation, review and execution of the Future Proof programme.

Download the Future Proof Plan here for further information