Why this matters

There is a growing gap between those who have and those that do not. The tension and unrest that result from this gap have a profound impact on social and economic stability. Because we rely on a healthy consumer economy we feel the impact of this instability immediately. Therefore we need to address some of the most pressing community challenges where they operate. We can do this through working with local charities to help them get their message across effectively.

Our approach

We have set a bold community involvement target for ourselves, focusing on the sharing of time and skills. We set strategy and policy at Group-level focusing purely on the sharing of skills, time and expertise and not to set any goals in fundraising or corporate financial contributions. In addition, no specific themes or causes are mandated. The strategy is implemented locally by our operating companies, both geographically by brand but also horizontally by brand, through our delivery model.

Our metric

We use a range of metrics that measures our community inputs, outputs and impacts but the overall is the monetary equivalent of all financial, in-kind, time and pro bono donations from our people.

Our footprint

Using these metrics, we set a 2010 baseline for community investment.


  • The time, financial donations and pro bono donations of our people.


  • The leverage in employee contributions and partner contributions.
  • The beneficiaries reached and affected by the community work.


  • The skills improved amongst employees involved in community work.
  • The impact on the charity and the beneficiaries of the charity.
  • The positive impact on the business such as corporate reputation and retention.

Target 2015:

We will increase community investment to the equivalent of 1% of our people’s time.

Using our delivery model, we will achieve this by:

  • Raising internal community awareness through our annual global social media campaigns;
  • Engaging internal and external stakeholders around our global community programme, which leverages digital technology to take steps to reduce their energy consumption;
  • Coordinate with HR how to engage our people to use community work as a way to enhance learning & development rules to drive investment in greener technology and facilities;
  • Work with our Future Proof champions to create locally relevant action on issues like pro bono campaigns, volunteering, etc.

Download the Future Proof Plan here for further information