Connections that Count

Vizeum was created for the new era of media: A convergent world where consumers and content come together, in real time, on platforms and devices; a global world massively impacted by digital technology which is totally reshaping the environment that brands and people live in.

Vizeum embraces every dimension, linking social, mobile, offline and online, generating emotions and trust, and building powerful connections between brands and people at speed and scale.


“Sending the nation Happy to Bed”

Voted UK Campaign of the Year 2012 at the Campaign Magazine Awards

Making IKEA synonymous with the bedroom to drive double-digit growth in bedroom furniture sales.
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20th Century Fox: Prometheus

World first innovation to drive box office.

Winner of Gold for Media Innovation and Silver for Media Creativity at the Media Week Awards 2012. Generating mass appeal and creating a blockbuster, all without losing a credible edge.
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MTV India

Increasing viewers by bringing musical relief to the traffic jams of Mumbai

Vizeum India found the perfect place for promoting MTV to a captive audience – Mumbai’s traffic-jams. Via a social and local media-first, we turned traffic jams into happier places and in doing so increased the audience of MTV Unplugged to its highest ever level of 15million.
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20th Century Fox

Ever seen a radio ad before?

20th Century FOX asked us to promote their newest movie “Chronicle” to a younger target group in Germany. Radically, they wanted us to drive massive awareness by using online only, and demanded that we deliver them something that had never been done before.
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Telenet Belgium

‘More TV, better TV AND less wasted time’

In Belgium, Telenet gave Vizeum the task of converting analogue TV users into the new users of digital recorders, despite the many concerns they had and ingrained habits. Vizeum’s solution was to hold a fully-blown social experiment to show how digital could enable “More TV, better TV with less wasted time”.
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20th Century Fox – Avatar

We had a very clear brief from Fox: Avatar will be the movie of the decade – it will leave you moved. You need to create a communication campaign that will move our audience.

The case study focuses on the digital side of the campaign.
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Heinz Ketchup On Everything

Vizeum in the Netherlands is blessed with many close partnerships with beverage and FMCG clients like Bavaria, Roosvicee, Honig and Verkade to name but a few. One of our other clients, Heinz, challenged us to create a campaign to stimulate people to use ketchup on various dishes or moments.
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“Never Hide” consumer engagement campaign

Vizeum North America was tasked by Ray-Ban to create a consumer engagement campaign across multiple channels, encouraging people to show their true colours or “Never Hide”.
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